Tips & Ideas

Elevate Your Outdoor Lighting
Adding beautiful outdoor lighting makes your space magical all year long so you can enjoy all the benefits of time outside. Especially as the days get shorter, outdoor lighting can help draw you out to your space and use it...
Reimagine Your Space for the Fall Season

Being outside in the cooler weather is just as healing for your state of being as every other time of year.

Real Life Makeover


This magical space was a virtual design project, evidence that we can work from anywhere to create your magic spot. 

Blissful Backyard Camp Out
TAKE THE BEST PARTS OF CAMPING Have you ever thought about camping in your own backyard? You can take all the parts of camping you love — like being under the stars, breathing fresh evening air, feeling close to loved...
Neighbor-Friendly Front Porches
PEOPLE SAY HI WHEN THEY SEE YOU ON YOUR SWEET FRONT PORCH TRUE STORY. When this site's brand designer / developer, Katie of Embodyart, first started talking to me, she thought she had absolutely no outdoor space she could carve...
Postage Stamp Patio Makeover
See the behind-the-scenes process on how I approach a patio makeover.  This makeover shows you can have a small space and still make a big impression when it comes to designing your outdoor area.
Try Something Different
START WITH ONE PLANT — JUST START Ever grown your own edible plants? It's SO satisfying when you've nurtured something from seed. Even if you "fail," you learn something every time. You can start with one itty bitty tabletop plant if...
What can your perfect outdoor spot do for you?
Having your own perfect outdoor spot can make a world of difference to your outlook, which has positive influence on your attitude and life.
How to Design a Small Outdoor Space
I'm here to let you know you can create a magical, cozy spot for yourself and your family even in a very small patio or backyard. I love helping you work with what you've got so you can spend more time outside. 
Affordable, Quick & Easy Patio Updates
As the weather warms up and the days get longer, get your outdoor space ready for entertaining and relaxing!
4 Festive Front Porch Tips
Whether it’s prepping to entertain a party or just for your own family and neighbors to enjoy all season...
Find Your Holiday Curb Appeal

Creating a warm, festive entrance to your home will put everyone in the neighborhood in the holiday spirit.

This Holiday, Deck Outside the Halls
When planning to entertain, don’t forget to spruce up your patio. Fire pits and outdoor heaters make cozy...
Protect Your Patio Furniture with Premium Covers

The best way to get longevity from your investment is to keep it covered when not in use during the off season.

Host a Memorable Outdoor Thanksgiving
How to host an outdoor thanksgiving.  Take Your Turkey Outside this Year. Get inspired with tips on entertaining this memorable meal outside.
Style a Pin-Worthy Fall Porch
Fall is definitely here along with the pumpkins and fall decor...
Patio Dining Makeover
Just a few simple updates helped transform this area into an inviting gathering spot...
Quick Patio Refresh
A common scenario I see is the tendency to line furniture up along the wall..