Working From Home Can be Even More Rewarding Outdoors

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Fresh air is good for you! Even a little time outside clears your head and gives you a fresh perspective. How invigorating is that for a work environment? 

Since many more of us are working from home these days, even if just some of the time, it makes sense to bring your office outside into a fantastic outdoor space. 

An outdoor office can be just a comfy bench with a cushion or it can be a pretty little structure that's your own ideal getaway. 

Maybe your home office is here to stay and it's time for a different and more inviting, customized solution than you ever dreamed possible.

Products to Enhance Your Outdoor Office

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C-tables are ideal for working in a non-traditional chair or chaise. Bring your laptop right by your side and move it out of the way when wanted.


Don't worry about the sun beating down on you with great options for creating shade. Choose from umbrellas and other creative structures. You might not have thought about an anti-glare computer screen cover (smart, right?).


I've helped clients use an outdoor shed to work outside. Your shed can be your actual office or you can use it for supplies and things you want to lock up when you “leave the office.”



Start small if the idea of working outside feels overwhelming in any way. For example, take your conference calls on a walk instead of sitting inside. We can do so much on our phones now, there's bound to be a group of tasks you can take with you and complete on your phone. You can plan your day around what's needed to accomplish this.

Next Zoom call, wouldn't it be cool to have your own actual outdoor background instead of a digital one?!

I've got great new products to help you work from home outside on the site. Give it a try. Let some fresh air into your work day. I think you'll be hooked.


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