What can your perfect outdoor spot do for you?


Do you have an outdoor space that offers a resting spot for you where you can just breathe, not be judged, not judge others and feel like you're being cared for? Nature and being in outdoor air is nurturing in its essence.



Our past two years have been different for sure. Different from anything we could have ever expected or experienced before. It may have left you feeling a bit tender. 

We’ve been forced to go within ourselves and the spaces in our homes.

Being confronted with yourself forces you to look at things you may have been neglecting, even if uncomfortable.



Nature is nurture.  Having your own perfect outdoor spot can make a world of difference to your outlook, which has positive influence on your attitude and life.

It’s a little thing that really is a big thing. I know this because besides my clients tell me they experience this all the time.


To start the process, reflect a little on where you are and the past couple years. Are you working at home more? Are you appreciating new things like hikes and walks?

How can you now translate that into a space for yourself to create that perfect outdoor spot? If you’d like suggestions, that’s what I’m here for. I want you to have your own outdoor spot that's your soul home base.



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