Terms & Conditions

50% of the contract total is due at the time of the design presentation. The remaining balance is due upon contract completion. Services will be paid for according to this agreement. Additional charges apply if client requests designer to shop, purchase and deliver agreed-upon additional items.

  1. Custom materials or articles ordered specifically for client through designer’s trade accounts are not returnable. Non-trade materials from local retail vendors are returnable when designer is notified within 48 hours of installation. If designer is notified after 48 hours, a 25% restocking fee will be added to all returned items.

  2. Furnishings, materials and accessories purchased at retail locations are not guaranteed by designer. Client assumes liability for any necessary claims or returns if unsatisfied.

  3. Prices of materials, articles and contractor’s services are subject to change. Before proceeding with order, notice of any price increase will be given and confirmation of the revised price.

  4. Prices do not include shipping, freight and trucking charges or insurance in transit, all of which will be at client’s expense.

  5. Orders approved under this contract are non-cancelable. Some exceptions may apply.

  6. Designer must receive 100% of all material costs before placing orders for articles, materials or other contractor’s services unless otherwise discussed between client and designer.

  7. No responsibility is assumed for delays occasioned by failure of others to meet commitments or for any other reason or cause beyond designer’s control.

  8. If designer is required to render services not included in the proposal contract or incurs extra drafting or other expenses due to changes ordered by client or other cause, designer shall be paid for such extra services and expenses the reasonable value or cost thereof.

  9. Proposal contract includes an estimate of design hours to complete the defined scope of work on contract. If project requires additional hours, client will be notified and upon approval, client will be charged at designer’s hourly rate.

  10. Designer does not guarantee any fabric, material or article against wear, fading or latent defect but to extent permitted by law. Client shall have benefit at client’s sole expense in the assertion thereof, of all guarantees and warranties possessed by designer against suppliers and manufacturers.

  11. Client agrees to pay in addition to the balance due, interest at the rate of 1.5% per month and reasonable collection fees, attorney fees and court costs in the event of litigation.