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Ever grown your own edible plants? It's SO satisfying when you've nurtured something from seed. Even if you "fail," you learn something every time.

Planters and Gardens

You can start with one itty bitty tabletop plant if you're scared. If you're bolder, there are fantastic new products out to help you grow a magnificent edible garden, either indoors or out.

It's like all creative pursuits; it'll take you places you could never have imagined that will delight and surprise you.

Plus these you can eat! My guess is you'll be hooked on the amazing fresh taste and gratifying experience.


You can start with seeds or with an already-growing plant. 

Or start with one little plant to not feel overwhelmed if you've never done this before.

Just pop it into a beautiful planter. You'll have a relationship with the plant and experience its living response -- thrilling!

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Vertical gardens are a great way to save space and are perfect patio plants.

The Farmstand  makes growing your own food easy!

It's self-watering and self-fertilizing. All you need to do is decide what food to grow. My son named it "The Lettuce Machine" because everything grew so fast. Most of the lettuces and kales had harvestable food in about 25 days or less.

Did I mentions you can buy your plants directly from them - all delivered to your door?  One-stop shopping!



Self-watering planters (if you don't think you're "good" with plants) are an easy way to add greenery to your outdoor space and ease your way into growing your own plants.


Lomi  is the first kitchen-countertop composter that turns your food scraps into compost at the simple push of a button.

Reduce your trash and feed your plants - talk about a resourceful appliance!


When you add a garden — even if it's one edible plant — to your outdoor space, you add a new dimension. Your outdoor spot becomes more of a rich experience and you'll create a deeper relationship with your plants, which, after all, are living things. Try it! (P.S. You're allowed to name your plants!)


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