Elevate Your Outdoor Lighting

Adding beautiful outdoor lighting makes your space magical all year long so you can enjoy all the benefits of time outside. Especially as the days get shorter, outdoor lighting can help draw you out to your space and use it all year long.

Outdoor lighting

Easy Peasey Elevated Outdoor Lighting

Nothing creates a mood more than lighting. I'm here to solve your outdoor lighting questions for you. Whether you need to light an intimate nook or a grand pathway, you've got affordable, beautiful options that are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Let Timers Do the Work

Timers are so helpful and come built into all sorts of outdoor lighting options. With a timer, your space gently beckons you to come play outside as the sun goes down. Set a timer for your very own Happy Hour. You won't have to turn anything off when it's time to head back in. Shop Outdoor Timers & Outlets



Sprinkle Artful Options

How about wrapping a tree with light strands? Pretty! Or let a big branch drip down fairy lights to add a magical touch. Highlight a beautiful plant. Add a lantern or candle holder. Fire pits are loved by all.

Layers of Light Add Depth

I recommend layering your outdoor light for extra depth. Add overhead light, porch lights, floor lighting and any mixture that suits your space. You can never really add too much lighting. I can take a quick virtual look at what you've got and put together a perfect plan for you.



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