The 5 Best Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Modular Outdoor Kitchens: Explained, plus - My Top 5 Picks For You

Ignite your passion for outdoor cooking and entertaining with style while exploring my Outdoor Living Designer favorites for the best modular outdoor kitchen options. 

best modular outdoor kitchen


A modular outdoor kitchen can extend your living space into the outdoors without breaking the bank. These pieces are designed to be customizable for your outdoor space, so you can choose the modules and accessories that fit your budget. Modular kitchen pieces ship finished and require basic assembly. They are single units you can piece together to create a small or large kitchen or entertainment space outside.

Modular outdoor kitchens provide flexibility in design, allowing you to customize and configure your outdoor kitchen according to your specific needs, preferences, and existing space. Modular components allow you to mix and match to create the perfect setup for your outdoor cooking and entertaining needs. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue, a cozy family dinner, or a lively outdoor gathering with friends, a modular outdoor kitchen adds convenience, versatility, and style to your outdoor living space.

Modular kitchens have many advantages compared to custom, built-in outdoor kitchens of the past, and the ideal outdoor kitchen project is quick, easy, and satisfying. Because these pieces are assembled by you, they are just as easy to disassemble if you move the units to a different spot or take them with you if you decide to move or relocate. 

Essential Things to Consider When Arranging Your Modular Outdoor Kitchen 

1. Functionality & Versatility 

How will you use your outdoor kitchen space? Will you prep and cook meals outside, or do you simply need storage and counter space to display and serve? Modular outdoor kitchens are designed to be versatile, directly attaching to each other to fit your specific needs and preferences.

You can choose from various modules (shape, size, color, and material) and accessories (grill, sink, fridge, drawers) to create a kitchen that suits your style and cooking requirements. 

2. Convenience

With a modular outdoor kitchen, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. You won't have to run back and forth between the indoor and outdoor kitchen, and you won't have to worry about forgetting something important. Wash your hands in your outdoor sink.

Store your outdoor dishes and platters in a weather-proof cabinet. Keep your beverages cold in your outdoor fridge. Arrange your party buffet on an easy-to-clean stainless steel or granite countertop. Make it convenient for you and easy for guests to serve themselves.

3. Increased Home Value 

As outdoor living spaces become more popular, adding a modular outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home. A fully functional outdoor kitchen can be a significant selling point to any home on the market.

4. Easy to Install 

Modular outdoor kitchens are easy to install and can be set up in just a few hours. This means that you can start enjoying your outdoor kitchen right away. You can go as large or small as you like. You can also expand your outdoor installation over time, adding pieces as your needs change. 

5. Durability

Modular outdoor kitchens are made from high-quality materials that withstand harsh weather and regular use, so you won't have to replace your outdoor kitchen anytime soon. Select materials that will best withstand these factors based on location, exposure, and frequency of use. 

6. Budget 

It's tough to identify the cost of an outdoor kitchen, but that's why modular components are a great solution. Set a budget, work within that, and expand your modular outdoor kitchen as you can afford it. 

Components of a Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Cabinets, Storage & Bar Tops: Decide what you plan to store and the required space. Arrange cabinets according to their desired use and intended footprint. Add a bar top cabinet for additional seating.

Cooking Appliances: Grills, Stovetops, Burners and Pizza Ovens

Refrigeration: Wine, Beverages and Food Storage 

Accessories:  Beverage Dispensers, Trash/Recycling Drawers, Warming Drawers and Utility Requirements

Sinks & Plumbing Features: Cold or Cold/Hot Water sinks and Drainage

Countertops & Workspaces: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Teak, Wood Grain, Color and Design Selections

My TOP 5 Favorite Modular Outdoor Kitchens That You'll Love

1. NewAge Outdoor Kitchen, Grove—Outdoor Space Designs


This modular kitchen is one of my go-to products for clients, and I have several pieces from the collection in my own backyard showroom.

It's very flexible, and each piece is customizable. These components are in the mid-range price category, and this brand offers the most varied selection of pieces and finishes out of the Top five I've selected. NewAge offers a sink, BBQ, smoker, garbage drawer, two countertop selections, and three cabinet front options. Look here for all customizable options.

NewAge has been in business for over 10 years and has a solid reputation. They are a Canadian company based in Ontario. They use 304 stainless steel and aluminum for all outdoor kitchen cabinets and grill sets, which are durable and less likely to degrade over time.

2. Island 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Cabinet, Black—Outdoor Space Designs

    This Mont Alpi brand offers the best bang for your buck. All the components are good quality, and the aesthetic is very high-end. Mont Alpi is a California-based outdoor living company known for its grills.

    With this modular selection, the BBQ is a required option with additional pieces. They offer white granite countertops, double sinks, a kegerator, and multiple refrigerator options. For the price point, you get a wide variety of outdoor kitchen components to create your perfect outdoor dining experience. Look here for customizable options.

    3. Portside Outdoor Kitchen Collection – Outdoor Space Designs

    This affordable collection from West Elm is geared more toward creating outdoor entertainment kitchen space rather than serving as a functional kitchen. These pieces are 20% off right now for the Memorial Day Sale. The Portside modular pieces combine for exceptional storage and countertop space and are made from mahogany and eucalyptus wood.

    These cabinets come in two color options: driftwood or weathered gray. A lightweight, rust-proof aluminum option in a dark bronze finish is also available. Countertops are glass fiber with a reinforced concrete top inlay engineered to be lighter than concrete but with the same durability. A unique piece in this collection is the "corner cabinet," a component that covers a standard beverage refrigerator, expanding the counter space.

    4. Westport Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen—Outdoor Space Designs  

    This modern, contemporary collection stands out among designs with its chevron-patterned cabinet surface. The collection is an excellent option to extend your entertainment and storage space to the outdoors, and some pieces are discounted. These modular outdoor cabinets are made of aluminum and have a stainless steel countertop that is lightweight and easy to clean.
    Frontgate provides many size and utility options, including teak cabinets with marble countertops and black, white, and sea-glass colors in aluminum. There is also a slide-out garbage and recycling drawer option in one of the modular pieces. You can see all the options here.  I've recently installed this product for a client through my remote virtual design service and successfully created a beautiful outdoor kitchen for her space. 

    5. Pro-Fit 8-Foot Outdoor Kitchen Island, Onyx—Outdoor Space Designs

    This outdoor kitchen island is for the serious connoisseur. The Pro-Fit outdoor island is a very high-end product with all the bells and whistles. Every component, including the BBQ grill, refrigerator, and side burners, is top-rated.

    This brand is currently on sale (14% OFF) and offers multiple finishes, components, and a warranty package for various features. This option has limited storage space but can be paired with modular components of another brand to extend your outdoor entertainment and dining experience. Check out all the ratings and options here.

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