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When this site's brand designer / developer, Katie of Embodyart, first started talking to me, she thought she had absolutely no outdoor space she could carve out. 

But I believe EVERYONE can find a special little spot if you think creatively. Katie's housemate had long claimed the other side of the porch, which is the "sunny side" and seems like the most obvious place to sit. Her landlord owns the beautiful backyard exclusively. When we spoke, Katie realized that all she needed was a little spot for chairs. Katie asked her neighbor and landlord if she might decorate the "other" neglected side of the porch. It was shady and has an AC from the downstairs apartment but that doesn't ruin it at all. 

Start Simple

Two pretty blue outdoor-friendly chairs started the ball rolling. Those immediately drew admiring comments from passers-by. Then she sourced a small table and paid attention to details so it wouldn't crowd the area, was outdoor-friendly, cost-effective and could fit small plates and glasses plus Miguel's occasional cigar. 

She added greenery one plant at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Outdoor pillows and planters followed. A small table to hold a portable fire pit is so much fun. 

Katie's little spot, christened BAR ONE, blossomed into a perfect breakfast or sundown drinks nook. 

It's remarkable how everyone who passes by smiles and says, "perfect porch." And it's just a few pretty chairs, a small table and some greenery. Plus a little jazz and good conversation! The way you look at things really does create your results.

The Surprising Part

“I'm so grateful to Becky — my little porch adds a new kind of joy."

Katie Geddes, NYC

This little spot has enriched Katie's life. Katie now gets to soak in a little fresh air spontaneously. That little break can completely change your perspective. Give you new ideas. Ground you. Inspire you. Unexpected smiles and even connections happen. It's hard to explain how much fun this little spot brings, which is why I want you to have your own.

Think you don't have any outdoor space? Or has your outdoor space gotten out of hand or sad? I can help with as little or as much input as you want. Book a consult to get going. 

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