Feel at home outside

My goal is to get more people outside to enjoy their backyards and create memorable occasions that last a lifetime!

Make GREAT memories

Many of my fondest memories as a child were the times I spent outside. Playing yard games, bonfires, picnics, parties and family gatherings were all so much more special when we had the opportunity to enjoy them outside.

Hi, I'm Becky

Today, I’m fortunate enough to live in Northern CA where our outdoor space is an extension of our home all year long. I do, however, still get that same giddy feeling as spring approaches and I can spread out our outdoor living space beyond the covered area.

create magical spaces

Big budgets or small

So often, people will say to me, “Outdoor furniture is SO expensive! When I can afford it, I’ll fix up my backyard to enjoy it.” My answer to that is, where there’s a will, there’s a way to make it work. I work with clients who have a $500 budget as well as those who have a $25,000 budget.

I help guide clients into spending what they can to just get outside and use their space. Once you can use it and see how it functions, you can always upgrade pieces in the future or plan for larger expenses. I always recommend trying to spend a little more on at least one item, typically a sofa or chair set that will be used most often. Outdoor furniture is just like indoor furniture or anything else for that matter: you get what you pay for.

I use a variety of visuals to guide you along the way and ensure you’ll be pleased with the end product. My goal is to be very transparent with the services I provide and to exceed your expectations.

Tell me your dream outside space

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