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Kentucky Deck Project Reveal

Julie & Bryan contacted me earlier this year looking to furnish their gorgeous new deck in Cold Spring, Kentucky. They were hosting an upcoming family event and wanted to entertain in their new outdoor space.

Julie and Bryan had done several renovations on their home turning it into a modern sanctuary and were excited to extend their living areas outside to take advantage of the beautiful views.

Taking the elements into consideration, Polywood Furniture was an obvious choice.  They wanted something that had style yet was durable enough to hold up to all the seasons. Choosing Polywood also allowed us to have some fun using a pop of color with the lime green, modern rockers.

Open Walls

When we first discussed shade, Julie and Bryan were very hesitant to entertain adding any kind of pergola structure.  I was able to help them find the perfect solution which maintains their modern style while giving them the flexibility to control the elements with a louvered roof.  The modern pergola structure also helped us create designated zones or areas on the deck.

In Their Words

I asked Julie and Bryan to provide some feedback on how the creation of this new space has impacted them and the way they use their home.  

How has the addition of your outdoor space changed how you live at home?

This space is really an extension of our home, in all aspects. The small moments such as enjoying a cup of coffee or chatting on the phone have moved outside. Likewise, the larger moments like celebrating Easter and Memorial Day with family and friends were able to organically spread to the outdoors.
It is so comfortable and livable, anytime I can choose to be outside now, I am.

Becky worked with us so that is has the same feel and our indoor space, while blending right in with the outdoors. We live on about 14 acres, so we wanted a feel that we were a part of the landscape not something invasive. In the same time, it is a midcentury modern home, so I still wanted that style. 

What activities do you do outside now that you only used to do inside?

Nap! Kidding, not kidding. This somewhat happened on accident, but it is a new found love. While I only have the luxury of sneaking off on the weekend, it has done wondering for my well-being. There is something about laying on that couch with the breeze, and birds chirping, that fixes all of the stress created by the work week. 

We have also been able to entertain outside. The inside of our house does not offer a lot of sitting areas by design, so having larger gatherings is much easier now. We have already had several impromptu get-togethers that would not have been as feasible prior to the outdoor space being finished.


What advice would you give someone who is considering adding or updating their outdoor space?

Treat it with the same love and attention that you would treat your indoor space. I used to look at our old deck as an after-thought and it was rarely used. When we re-did the decking, I wanted to design the space with the same consideration that I gave any other room in the house, like the kitchen or bathrooms.

We also focused on what was important to us. We live in the woods, with big furry dogs. This was more about sustainability, comfort, and resilience. We wanted the space to reflect our personalities, and it certainly does. 

What brings you the most joy in your space?

It is so wonderful to have a space outside that can host our families and friends. Becky really helped us create the space in a way that there are several sitting areas, places for small groups as well as larger groups, and a variety of seating options so that everyone could be comfortable. Seeing the ones we love gather and have fun in the space has really been one of the most enjoyable experiences. That, and the naps.

*It took me some self-talk and convincing to utilize a designer for an outdoor space. I had previously worked with an interior designer and had a great experience, so I cannot pinpoint the hesitation, other than to say that I was not giving an outdoor space the same respect!
This is one of the best decisions we have made. I know that I would not have been able to design it in such a meaningful way to both look the way I had hoped, and meet the needs of our family.
We are outside almost every day now even if it is for 30 minutes at the end of the day to sit and talk about work. Having this space has really opened up a new experience, and we are forever grateful!

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