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Lana & Robert's story.

 My clients, Lana and Robert, from Aurora, Illinois wanted to create an outdoor space where their family and friends could relax and gather. 

They'd redone their backyard hardscape and put in a lovely pergola, but despite these pretty elements, the outdoor area was sitting there, empty and unused. 

We added comfortable, eco-friendly, durable furniture, bright, cozy pillows and greenery and created different areas for the activities they wanted to do most.  The result is a raving success that's much loved and much used.  Below are Lana and Robert’s own thoughts on the process.

This magical space was a virtual design project, evidence that we can work from anywhere to create your magic spot. 

Lana & Robert requested plenty of dining space for their big family, pops of color and furniture that could withstand the Illinois elements. Outer Furniture  was an obvious choice as it met all their criteria.

A fresh coat of yellow paint gave their old bench new life and a new purpose in the garden.



How has the addition of your outdoor space changed how you live at home?
We spend a lot more time outside. We have a lot of friends over to enjoy the space with us. It’s such an inviting area that makes you want to get outside.

What activities do you do outside now that you only used to do inside?
Take a nap on the comfy couch, read a book, have family meals, sit outside and talk and play games.

What advice would you give someone who is considering adding or updating their outdoor space?
Don’t underestimate the power of a comforting space outdoors. It really extends your living space. It has been worth every penny.

What brings you the most joy in your space?
Having enough space for a lot of people. The colors, lighting and having a covered area under the pergola. It’s so peaceful to hang out in the space and enjoy nature.

5 out of 5 stars
"Thank you for helping us make this beautiful space!."

Loving it Outside,
Lana & Robert

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