Entertainer's Dream Backyard

Outdoor Dining Table

Bonnie & Dave were in the middle of an extensive backyard remodel when they called me in to assist them with design assistance and furnishings.

My clients put so much labor and love into this backyard space. Helping them with the furniture and design elements was the easy part. 

The result - an entertainer's dream backyard!  Plenty of zones to congregate and feel the vibes of this amazing space.

Below are Bonnie & Dave's comments on their newly transformed outdoor space and the impact it's had on daily life at home.

How has the addition of your outdoor space changed how you live at home?It has expanded our outdoor living and allowed us to entertain and host more family gatherings. We also love having coffee in the morning and are really enjoying our BBQ kitchen area.

What activities do you do outside now that you only used to do inside?
We can be comfortable outside with the additional shade and option to sit so many people now with our new table. We would also much prefer to be out at the new fire pit than inside as well!

What advice would you give someone who is considering adding or updating their outdoor space?
Plan ahead and prioritize what your goals are. Have Becky create a design board so you can see areas, furniture etc and she can also help you with sizes and placement.

What brings you the most joy in your space?
Seeing my family and small grandchildren hanging out, playing. It is also a beautiful view from inside.




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