Quick Patio Refresh

Try This Quick Patio Refresh Trick!

This client has an outdoor party coming up and the patio needed a little facelift before guests came over. Between working full time and the party date growing closer, this client did a quick Google search for an Outdoor Designer. This led her my way for a quick patio refresh.

A common scenario I see is the tendency to line furniture up along the wall. Most people don't realize this one quick fix can elevate your patio furniture to an instant outdoor room!

The simple trick of adding a rug can help redefine the shape of a space and create new boundaries for your seating area. See for yourself in the before and after shots.

Mix and match colors

With all the gray out there right now, it can be easy to shy away from color. When it comes to your patio, bright colors can help break up a canvas of green, brown and gray from landscape and hardscape.

Adding texture and color helps to soften the look of outdoor spaces and creates that welcoming “I want to hang out there” feel.

This backyard has beautiful landscape and hardscape but benefits from soft textiles and bright colors brought in with pillows, cushions and a rug.

Need help giving your patio a quick refresh? Whether you're short on time or suffer from project overwhelm — it's a real thing — I can help! Drop me a text with some photos of your space and we can get started!


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