Patio Dining Makeover

This dining area is located under a solid cover right off the kitchen area which makes it an ideal place to hang out on hot summer days. Just a few simple updates helped transform this area into an inviting gathering spot.

Wall Art & Rug

Adding wall art to your exterior walls or fence can make your area instantly feel like a “real room.” Leaving all your walls blank on the inside of your home would be pretty boring. The same concept translates outside. I get asked all the time where to find good outdoor wall art. Click the gallery below to shop these panels and look at the section on this site for more gorgeous outdoor wall art you can print on metal to look amazing.

Set the Table

I think the most intriguing part about entertaining outside is when little details you're used to seeing inside move outdoors. Having plastic placemats that wipe up easily and centerpieces with live plants provide that unexpected intrigue that makes you want to sit down and stay awhile.

Need help giving your patio a quick refresh? Whether you're short on time or suffer from project overwhelm— it's a real thing! — I can help! Drop me a text with some photos of your space and we can get started!

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