Host a Memorable Outdoor Thanksgiving

Take Your Turkey Outside this Year!

Most likely you can recount at least one occasion of scrunching into small spaces with your back up to a wall and no clear exit strategy.

Here in Northern CA, we are blessed enough to have the sun on us at least 75% of the year.  So why do we continually insist on celebrating this holiday indoors when the original one was not?  Even Charlie Brown and his friends took their feast of toast, popcorn and jelly beans outside.

Here are some ideas and tips for hosting a memorable outdoor Thanksgiving your guests won't forget!

Use Nature as Your Decor

The whole allure of eating alfresco is getting to be outside enjoying nature and all its elements.  If you have a colorful tree in your yard, set your table underneath it.

Turn to natural décor for your centerpiece and place settings.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations to make a beautiful table.   Take a walk and collect leaves, pine cones and other bits of nature to fill in your table décor.

Make it Warm and Cozy

Make the space comfortable and inviting by having a heat source for your guests.  There are lots of options depending on your space and budget.

Infratech Heaters are a great way to keep your outdoor space cozy.   Because they are mounted on your patio cover or ceiling, they take up zero floor space on your patio.  These heaters use infrared or radiant energy which is the most practical way to add warmth to your space without greenhouse emissions, odors or ultraviolet light.

Tall gas heaters are great for dining areas while fire tables work well in seating and lounging areas.

Put shawls or throws over your dining chairs for those who might need an extra layer to stay comfortable.  Stow extra wraps in a basket for guests to easily access as the sun goes down.

Create Designated Dining and Lounging Spaces

Recreate the rooms of your home outside.  Having a separate dining and lounge area will create flow for entertaining.

Don’t be afraid to bring the indoors out.  Linens, table settings, and glassware can make their way outside for this special occasion, so don’t bother buying new outdoor versions.  It’s only one day and why not bring the china outside for this special day.  Bring the TV out and let everyone enjoy the game outside.




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