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Protect your Investment

Everyone knows outdoor furniture isn't cheap and although most furniture outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, the best way to get longevity from your investment is to keep it covered when not in use during the off season.

When searching for covers, it's important to ensure they have proper venting as well as tie-downs.  The brand of outdoor furniture covers I recommend to my own clients is Classic Accessories.

Patio Furniture Storage Tips

In addition to covering your furniture, I also recommend you take cushions inside whenever possible.  Even the highest quality covers and outdoor fabric are subject to dew or condensation that can collect on the inside of furniture covers.  If your cushions have the smallest amount of dirt or dust on them the dirt can mold and stain your cushion fabric.

When covering dining tables or other flat surfaces, place a beachball on the surface under the cover.  This will allow moisture to run off the top of the cover rather than sitting on the surface and can prevent mold and mildew forming.

You can shop Classic Accessories directly if you don't see the cover you need below.  Classic Accessories also offers custom covers.


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