Affordable, Quick & Easy Patio Updates

Get ready for spring with these affordable, quick, and easy patio updates!

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, get your outdoor space ready for entertaining and relaxing. Here are some quick and affordable updates to spruce up your patio.

1. Swap Out Your Umbrella Canopy

Is your umbrella canopy faded, damaged, or just in need of an update?

Most people don't realize you don't have to throw out the entire umbrella to change color schemes or just update the look.

If the pole and components are still in good shape, you don't need to ditch the whole thing, only the canopy.

Below are some umbrella canopy replacement options, all less than $100.  Be sure to double-check the size of your existing umbrella to ensure you purchase the correct replacement size.


 2. Change up Your Color Palette

If you are looking for a quick inexpensive way to refresh the look of your patio, change out pillows and add an outdoor rug.

When selecting textiles for your patio, choose a mixture of styles, textures, and sizes.  Also, make sure your selections are outdoor-grade.  Indoor fabrics will fade and won't hold up to the elements over time.


 3. Add Ambiance & Warmth

Nothing draws guests outside like the inviting glow of a warm fire.  Unlike a few years back, there are numerous styles and materials to choose from.

Be sure to consider the size, shape, and placement of a fire pit or fire table in your outdoor space. If you are limited on space, look into more compact options such as a propane fire column or a tabletop unit.


 4. Create a Planter Grouping

Adding planters to your outdoor space can bring in height, dimension, and soften hardscape edges such as patio cover posts or stone wall corners.

A group of plants that vary in height is a great way to camouflage unsightly hose spouts or vents on the exterior walls of your home.  Choose a variety of plant heights and colors to fill them up.


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